Why Use MotorMula?

There are three reasons why you should turn to MotorMula when looking for car finance:

1. Customer Service

Knowing what car to buy – and how to go about buying it – can be a stressful process. Unless you are an experienced car buyer, it’s all too easy to overpay for a vehicle or end up with a dud from a less than reputable dealer. At MotorMula, we don’t just strive to find a suitable car finance deal for our customers; we also work hard to secure them a high quality vehicle at a fair market price.

MotorMula can be involved as much or as little as you’d like us to be throughout the vehicle purchase process. If you need a hand searching for a vehicle, we can provide FREE expert car purchase support. Our specialists can help you pick an appropriate vehicle based on your everyday requirements. Feel free to hunt for a car yourself, or use our vast network of reputable dealers in your local area. We’ll arrange test drives and negotiate the price with the dealership to ensure you get a vehicle you love at a competitive price.

Some additional services MotorMula provide include:

  • FREE HPI Check to ensure
    • there is no outstanding finance secured against the vehicle
    • it was not written off by an insurer
    • it’s not a stolen vehicle or on the police register
    • mileage counter is correct and inline to the National Mileage Register
  • FREE Dealer Vetting to verify the dealership is a legitimate and reputable business authorised to sell cars on finance.
  • FREE Valuation to ensure you don’t pay over the market value.

We’re a car finance company obsessed with providing excellent customer service. Whether you require support for the vehicle finance application or simply need a bit of advice on vehicle purchase, MotorMula want to help.

2. Capability

Everyone is different when it comes to car finance, which is why we offer a diverse range of options and payment plans to choose from. Our access to a wide selection of lenders offering multiple vehicle finance products (for many credit ratings) means you have a better chance of securing car finance at a competitive rate. Most of our car finance products do not require a deposit either.

3. Competence

Our vehicle finance advisor can provide expert assistance on any car finance matter.

If you’re looking for exceptional customer service on your journey to finding a competitive car finance deal, contact MotorMula today.


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